How to choose size for harness lingerie?

How to choose size for harness lingerie?

If you never bought harness lingerie it might seems to be hard to choose the correct size for it. But it's actually pretty simple.

how to choose size for harness lingerie

First thing you need to know - every our harness style goes size up and size down. So even if you are between sizes - it's not a problem for perfect fit. Same as if you'll gain or loose some weight.

Second - every piece is adjustable with sliders, so you will be able to manage the fit as you want for maximum comfort. And elastic trim, from which harnesses are made, also give some more flexibility with fitting.

how to choose size for harness lingerieChaos harness set

If you are between sizes and don't know which size to choose - our reccomendation is to choose bigger size. Why? Cause you'll have more space for adjusting in this case. You can also choose the smaller size and it will fits good as weel, but it will have less space for adjusting.

And don't worry if your measurements doesn't 100% fits our size chart and you have, for example, waist for size S and hips for size M. We reccomend to choose size M in this case and no, it won't be big in waist part, as you will be able to make it smaller in the waist band with the sliders.

how to choose size for harness lingerieSaga harness set

If you want special custom size that you can't find in our size chart - it's not a problem. Simply contact us via the form on the site or on the email

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